Monday, December 8, 2008

The Usurper’s New Clothes

The Usurper’s New Clothes
by Jayme Evans

Intro: Facts are so inconvenient to those brimming with intellectual dishonesty.

“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” — Barry Goldwater

A favorite tactic of Communists, liberals, and others on the left is using peer-pressure-laced name-calling to try and marginalize those with whom they disagree. If they can successfully convince enough people that a particular viewpoint is held only by those on the fringes, as opposed to the mainstream, they believe they can successfully discredit that person as a crackpot.

They frequently brandish the labels Hitler, racist and extreme right-wing in their pathetic attempts to banish conservatives who believe in strict constitutional interpretations to the extremities of the political spectrum. But, no matter how many people in this country — or elsewhere — attack my efforts to protect and defend my Constitution, unless and until President-Elect Obama produces his original vault birth certificate for public scrutiny, he will be little more than a usurper; an illegitimate and impotent poseur. And no amount of name-calling, taunts, or questions of sanity, patriotism or intelligence will change that fact. Those tactics only work on the weak-minded and those without the courage of their convictions.

As Americans, we pledge our loyalty to our nation and its founding principles, not to the politicians who’ve destroyed it by abandoning those principles and certainly not to our bloated, collapsing behemoth of a bureaucracy. What I and thousands of other Americans are asking for is not irrational. It is not extreme. It is not a burden. It is a non-negotiable requirement of our Constitution and a prerequisite of any constitutionally elected president.

This is not some cuckoo effort that I am engaged in alone. There are over 150,000 petition signatures and over 60,000 individual letters addressed to the Supreme Court asking for Obama to disclose his vault birth certificate for examination, yet those who attack have done so while lacking complete factual honesty:

“Sorry, but you’re a sick person. It really bothers you that someone without your skin color could be president. Why didn’t you raise these same issues about John McCain, who was born in Panama? You really need to get control of yourself; get some professional help, quickly.”

# # #

“There may or may not be points worth considering in this article but either: a) they are so buried in extremist statements that you have to work really, really hard to dig them out, or b) this article is designed to appeal only to the “lunatic fringe.” In either case, it is a waste of time.”

# # #

“The person referenced should study history. I believe Canada is a fine country and would be very careful about being critical of its leaders. Evans sounds like he should be on FOX.”

# # #

The only context in which I have ever mentioned Obama’s skin color is in the context that he would be the nation’s first back president or to repeat those slurs uttered by other Democrats. The same issues have been raised about John McCain and he was declared by the US Senate to be a natural born US citizen. As for the last comment, although I am American and was criticizing an American politician, I’ll take it as a compliment.

Notwithstanding that one of the many cases against Obama was scheduled for conference on December 5th, mum’s the word in the mainstream media. Not one single syllable. Most who have covered any news of this controversy have given these lawsuits slim chances of succeeding, despite the simplicity of the legal remedy. And all have done so with an ounce of ridicule, such as in Slate Magazine’s “Change They Can Litigate.” In this patronizing attempt to discredit those suing, the author condescendingly refers to “proof of citizenship” (quotes his), lawsuits brought by a professional poker player (as if that matters), sit-ins (a right of all Americans championed by the left) and other attempts to marginalize the plaintiffs and their supporters by making them out as fringe kooks.

Joseph Farah’s WorldNetDaily is not a “fringe” site, but one of the fastest growing sites on the Internet with millions of viewers. One of the suits was brought by Phillip Berg, registered Democrat who also sued Bush over 9/11. Another was filed by Alan Keyes, a 2008 presidential candidate. Obama’s citizenship is only a tangential issue and no one is trying to overturn anything. All we want is proof he was born on US soil. Overturned elections are not a good thing for this country, but quite necessary in order to preserve the integrity of our constitution if Obama is indeed the usurper many believe he is.

Facts are so inconvenient to those brimming with intellectual dishonesty.

It’s rather amusing how those who believe in such drivel as alien abductions, anthropogenic global warming, the Second Gunman or 9/11 conspiracy nonsense involving Bush/Cheney and 4,000 Jews are so quick to condemn this effort as a few loonies with an ax to grind.

The story of Barack Obama’s quest for the presidency nicely parallels the Hans Christian Anderson classic The Emperor’s New Clothes. But in this modern-day version, the young boy who alerts the Emperor to his own nudity is permanently silenced by being dragged off and having his throat slit.

Never forget those who served, fought, and died during the battle of Pearl Harbor.